Top Reasons to Hire a Lawn Sprinkler Installation Professional

Lawn sprinkler installation is a task best left to an expert in automatic watering systems.

Sure, you could attempt to install your own in-ground sprinklers. Watch a few online videos and read up on the process, and you should be good to go, right?

Not quite. Lawn sprinkler installation requires specialized knowledge and expertise. If you want your yard to look its best, you need a custom-designed automatic watering system – and you can’t learn how to design an effective system on the internet. Here are four reasons why hiring a professional is in your best interests.

Lawn sprinkler installation in Sandy UT

Water Pressure

In-ground sprinklers will only work properly if you accurately gauge the water pressure from your plumbing system and design the system to match. If the pressure is too high for the sprinklers you install, they will produce only a fine mist. It it’s too low, you’ll end up with a dribble instead of a spray.

Soil Quality

Before installing an automatic watering system, you need to consider the quality of your soil. Clay-heavy soils absorb water slowly, and incorrect lawn sprinkler design can result in a flooded yard. Conversely, water flows quickly through soils that have a hefty sand content, so in-ground sprinklers must be properly positioned to ensure effective watering.

Weather Conditions

In northern Utah, the weather can be pretty fickle. Different times of the year see varying amounts of precipitation, and the weather in one area can even be vastly different from that just a few miles away. Without careful lawn sprinkler design, your watering system may not be well-suited for your local weather – and you might just see your in-ground sprinklers running on rainy days.

Lawn Damage

Installing an automatic watering system requires you to dig trenches in your yard. If you don’t have the proper equipment – or if you make a mistake and dig in the wrong spot – you can easily turn your yard into an eyesore. Professionals understand how to install in-ground sprinklers with minimal disturbance to the lawn, and they’ll leave your landscape looking intact.

Hiring a professional for lawn sprinkler installation simply makes sense. And with some companies – including Pristine Lawns – your new automatic watering system will come with both warranty coverage and a satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re interested in installing lawn sprinklers and you live in Sandy, Utah, or the greater Salt Lake City area, turn to the licensed and insured professionals at Pristine Lawns. We customize the design of every watering system we install, and we’re known for our exceptional quality, stellar customer service and affordable pricing.

For more information about Pristine Lawns, or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss professional lawn sprinkler installation, contact us today.