Keeping a lawn green and vibrant is no easy task in our climate. That’s why so many homeowners rely on sprinkler systems to keep their grass lush and healthy. But sprinkler systems won’t help your lawn if they don’t work properly. So when you need sprinkler valve repair in Sandy, Utah, rely on Pristine Lawns.

Sprinkler System Valve Repair

Valves are a critical part of your sprinkler system. When they don’t work, water doesn’t get to your lawn. Most valves have almost a dozen working parts, and the ability to diagnose and remedy what’s wrong comes with years of experience.

You could skip the step of figuring out what’s wrong by replacing the entire valve. But valve repair isn’t easy for every homeowner.

First, you must locate the box in the ground that houses your valves. This box also contains the electrical wiring, which must be disconnected before you attempt valve repair. Many homeowners are understandably uncomfortable working with electricity, especially when it is combined with water, as is the nature of sprinkler systems.

Parts and Tools Needed for Valve Repair

For replacement, besides the new valve, you will need PVC, couplings, pipe dope and tape, and a hacksaw or pipe cutters. You will need to cut off the old valve and use couplings to attach the new one. Each valve has an intake and an outtake, and you will need to measure the new piping precisely so that the new valve fits correctly.

The final step in any plumbing task is “check for leaks,” which often produces anxiety, because if it leaks, you have to start all over again, you’ll need more PVC, and you many not even know why it is leaking.

When you consider the cost of the parts and the tools and the time this repair would take you, you’ll understand that it is infinitely easier to have the professionals at Pristine Lawns take care of your sprinkler valve repairs. Sometimes, instead of valve repair, all you need is valve cleaning.

Is it the Valves?

Not only can we do these jobs easier and faster, but we can quickly tell if the problem is, in fact, with your valves or with another part of your sprinkler system.

For instance, homeowners get frustrated when the water pressure in their system drops, preventing the water from reaching all areas of their landscaping. This is often due to a leak in the system. If you have no experience in finding and repairing these, you could end up digging up a lot of your landscaping and not solving the problem.

Here at Pristine Lawns, we’re the experts in installing, maintaining and repairing sprinkler systems. We do valve repair and replacement, fix leaks, winterize and update systems in Sandy, Utah, and the surrounding areas. Call us today if your sprinkler system isn’t working the way it should.