When something goes wrong with your landscape watering system, sprinkler repair services are imperative. Otherwise, you could end up with a significant – and costly – problem on your hands.

Sprinkler repair services themselves are typically much less expensive than a damaged landscape. In fact, the parts used in an automatic lawn watering system are typically relatively inexpensive. Letting the problem drag on, however, can lead to a potentially expensive and damaging situation.

At Pristine Lawns, we make your lawn sprinkler repair call our priority. Troubleshooting your system and completing the repairs as quickly as possible will help minimize the damage you experience and restore the proper functioning of your system.

We are based in Sandy, Utah, and we provide expert sprinkler repair and maintenance services to customers throughout Salt Lake County.

Why Lawn Sprinkler Repair Is Urgent

When something goes wrong in your sprinkler system, the damage can range from minor to catastrophic, depending on the problem and how long it goes unattended.

If the problem is a lawn sprinkler leak, your water usage (and the corresponding bills) can quickly soar. Without the correct amount of water, you can lose plants, shrubs and even your expensive landscaping trees.

For underground leaks that go unnoticed, you could experience soil subsidence that leads to sunken portions of your yard. If the problem is close to a structure – your home’s foundation, for example – you could experience settling and structural damage or even leakage into your basement causing an expensive insurance claim.

Do You Need Lawn Sprinkler Repair?

To determine whether you have a problem with your lawn watering system, watch for swampy areas in your lawn or crispy yellow areas. You might notice soggy turf, standing water or the development of mold.

If your water usage suddenly spikes, this can be another potential indication of a major leak in the main line that needs to be addressed immediately.

You may want to consider installing a smart watering system controller. This advanced technology can even alert you (on your smartphone or tablet) if a problem pops up with your system.  Your existing controller can be swapped out for a smart controller quite easily.

Consider Sprinkler Maintenance Services

To prevent unexpected lawn sprinkler system failures, consider scheduling periodic inspection and maintenance from our Pristine Lawns team.

Our team will inspect your system and perform any needed repairs. We can also provide winterization service – an important step to prevent damage during our sub-freezing winter weather conditions.  Having us properly winterize and blow out your sprinkler lines is substantially cheaper than a freeze break, particularly a frozen valve.

We can provide start-up services in the spring to make any necessary modifications and to ensure that your sprinklers are ready for the spring and summer growing seasons.

Our experienced technicians at Pristine Lawns are committed to keeping your lawn watering system in tip-top shape. We take the time to check each zone, valve, and controller to ensure your plants and lawn are getting the precise amount of water they need to thrive.

Call on us today for all of your lawn care and sprinkler systems needs, including design, installation and expert sprinkler repair in Sandy UT and throughout Salt Lake County. You’ll want to get on our schedule before the Spring season gets crazy!