For professional lawn sprinkler installation in Sandy, Utah and throughout Salt Lake County, we at Pristine Lawns are the locally owned and operated expert you can trust.

Lawn watering systems require complex design and engineering skills. Installing a system with minimal disruption to your home and lifestyle also requires the services of a proven expert.

Our team at Pristine Lawns has provided expert service to clients throughout northern Utah for many years. We have established a reputation for providing exceptional service and affordable pricing for sprinkler system design and installation.

The Benefits of Installation a Lawn Sprinkler System

If you don’t already have an automatic lawn watering system, it’s time you give it some serious consideration.

With an automated watering system – especially one based on today’s cutting-edge technology – you will dramatically reduce your water use and cost. This helps reduce the impact on the environment and saves you a substantial sum of money, frustration, and time every year.

When you consider the investment you’ve made (or are about to make) in your landscaping, you’ll recognize the other compelling reason for installing sprinklers. Having precisely timed programs to water each zone and every type of plant keeps your trees, shrubs, flowering plants and grass looking great throughout the year. A well designed sprinkler system helps protect your landscaping investment.

Sprinkler System Design

To design the right system for you, we take the time to understand your needs and your goals. We will discuss your current landscape plants as well as your plans for future changes or expansion. Making sure that your system can adapt to your future needs will help you avoid another full sprinkler installation project or expensive modification in the future. We make sure proper planning techniques are used such as making sure your grass zones are separate from your drip and garden zones.

After we complete your complimentary system design consultation, we will take detailed measurements of your property. We will calculate the cost of your system and provide a detailed cost estimate. With our affordable and transparent pricing, you’ll never have to worry about hidden charges, change orders, or unpleasant surprises once the project is done.

Once you approve the work, our expert system designers will create schematics and installation plans to ensure that your system incorporates the proper components, capacity, and flow rate. From there, we will schedule the installation of your system at a time that is convenient for you.

The Lawn Sprinkler Installation Process

The installation of a lawn watering system can disrupt your life and your yard. Fortunately, when you trust the Pristine Lawns team, you can rest assured that we take every precaution, including having all utility lines clearly identified and marked.

We use advanced technology and the highest quality components to create a sprinkler system with maximum reliability and efficiency. In fact, if you prefer, we can install a smart sprinkler system that adapts to changes in the weather at your location.

We provide a parts and labor warranty and, as always, we guarantee your satisfaction with our work.

In addition to system design and installation, we also provide full-service sprinkler repair and maintenance. Whatever your lawn and landscape watering needs may be, our experienced technicians have the training and expertise to take care of it.

Contact Pristine Lawns today to request a no-cost, no-obligation estimate for your Sandy, Utah sprinkler installation.