• How Weekly Lawn Maintenance Works

  • Call for a Free Estimate

    Give us a call (801-440-6160) or fill out the form on the right side of the page.  Please specify what specific service(s) you’re requesting such as “lawn care services Sandy Utah” or “lawn maintenance services Sandy Utah.”  We will provide an estimate/pricing over the phone and/or arrange to meet you at your home to provide a firm price.

  • Add you to the Schedule

    Once we have worked out the pricing and any other details, we will then add you to our schedule for whatever service(s) you requested.  If, for example, you wanted “lawn care services Draper Utah” or “lawn maintenance services Draper Utah” we will let you know which specific day you fit into our routes so you can plan ahead.

  • Service is Rendered

    Our highly trained staff will arrive as planned and provide top quality service as agreed upon.  If you requested a service other than weekly lawn care such as a yard cleanup, sprinkler work, or rock/bark installation, this service will also be provided to your satisfaction.

  • Standard Weekly Program

    Doing a great job at mowing is a little more complicated than it may seem.  The neighborhood boy can get the grass cut but it takes a good eye and the right tools to make it look "Pristine" with a smooth cut, great trimming, and perfect edging.  That's the kind of lawn mowing services we offer.  Sign up today for our Weekly Mowing program and rest easy that we'll come the same day each week and provide a Pristine cut that will bring a smile to your face when you arrive home from work.

  • Enhanced Program

    Mowing takes care of the length of the grass.  But what about the weeds or the color and thickness of your lawn?  Find out our current rates for a package deal for total lawn care maintenance complete with aeration, fertilization and weed treatment, and sprinkler/watering adjustments which will make your lawn green, thick, and lush.

  • A Well Maintained Lawn and Yard

    What is it that you like best about your yard?  Is it your lawn?  Maybe it's your trees, your flower garden, or your vegetable garden.  Whatever it is, a thick, green lawn that has been well mowed, edged, and trimmed enhances all other elements.  For most families, the grass represents the area that family gatherings take place, where the kids and grandkids play, and where you can relax in a nice shady spot.  The lawn adds color and vibrancy to your yard and helps keep the heating bill down in the summer.  It's the gentle voice that calls to you to leave the indoors and get a little fresh air and maybe even a bit of exercise maintaining it.  Your lawn is the focal point of your yard and either the envy or nuisance of the neighborhood.  Many find it therapeutic to get there hands a little dirty or a little grass stained to maintain the serene atmosphere of their yard.

    Knowing all this, why not make sure to have a great lawn and yard where good times and great memories can be made?  A place that is inviting to your family and friends.  A place that brings a smile to your face whenever you're out there.

    Some prefer to take care of their own lawn and yard.  Others aren't able to but would still like the Pristine look and feel of a professionally groomed yard.  If that's the case with you, a Pristine lawn and yard is only a phone call away.  Give Pristine Lawns a call and we'll come out to give you a free quote for maintaining your lawn and/or yard.

  • Tips on filling out the Quote box to the Right

    When filling out the "Message" section of the "Quote" box on the right side of your screen, it's helpful to us in getting a proper and prompt response form us if you're specific about what service you're looking for.

    Here are a few examples:

    "Hi.  My name is John.  I am interested in lawn care services West Jordan Utah (or it could be lawn care services Riverton Utah, etc.).  My lot is about a quarter of an acre and is a corner lot.  The sprinklers might need to be looked at.  My cell is 123-456-7890.  Thank you."

    You might also say something like, "Hi.  My name is Sarah.  My husband works out of town a lot so we're basically looking for a well respected company who offers a wide variety of services including lawn maintenance West Jordan Utah (or lawn maintenance Riverton Utah, etc.), aeration, sprinkler work if needed, fertilization, and a monthly yard cleanup.  Is this something your company can take care of?  My cell is 123-456-7890."