• Landscape Lighting

  • Landscape lighting is a great way to highlight your home and landscape, particularly if you’ve
    invested a significant portion of resources into your yard. It can be as simple as lining your pathways so
    they are visible when walking along them at night, lighting up a tree to show its majesty, or illuminating
    an architectural feature of your home. All of these add an increased measure of inviting warmth to your
    property. Getting the most out of the beautification of your landscape is an appealing feature to your
    home environment.

    Outdoor Lighting

    Utah Outdoor LightingPerhaps the most common landscape lighting feature is Outdoor Lighting and Path Lighting. You may have a concrete path or a nice brick path. It’s not only aesthetically pleasing to always be able to view what these paths look like but its also practical to see the pathway to safely walk along it at night. Path Lights are designed to shine the light downward and outward and are meant to be spaced out at distant but regular intervals to create enough light to see the entire pathway while maintaining the quiet, warm ambience that comes from enjoying a soothing evening outside.

    Another common feature for outdoor lighting are Accent Lights. Accent Lights highlight trees, bushes, and architectural features of your home. These are designed to shine the light upward and outward, cascading the beam across the branches or side of the house. The light that is reflected off the trees and walls increase the visible space of your property at night to eliminate dark, shadowy areas so as to offer an inviting atmosphere for your family and any guests who may be visiting.

    Patio Lights

    Utah Patio LightsAnother popular landscape lighting possibility is Patio Lights. Patio Lighting is meant to brighten up areas of your yard where evening or night time activities are concentrated such as a patio, hot tub, or BBQ area. These are secured to an elevated object such as a wall or pole and dangle in the air above your gathering places. Whereas Path Lighting and Accent Lighting tend to narrow the focus of their beam on small areas, Patio Lights are spaced much closer together and are designed to cast a more
    complete and even light on an entire area to simulate a warm, calm room void of any dark areas.

    Other landscape lights include Wall and Step Lights and Down Lights. While used less frequently, these can be incorporated into a landscape in less noticeable ways. Wall and Step lights are often build directly into brick walls. Down Lights are attached higher up in trees or near gutters to shine downward.

    Landscape Lighting

    Utah Landscape LightingMost landscape lighting has converted to LED light options rather than the old incandescent bulbs. The bulbs are generally integrated into the fixture to increase their lifespan and therefore the warranty. Some come with as much as a 15-year warranty on the bulbs.

    When installing a landscape lighting system, your landscaper will simply choose a convenient outlet outside and attach a transformer with an appropriate wattage level and place it beside the outlet. The wires are placed beneath the bark or gravel in the flower beds and buried six to twelve inches deep in grassy areas. The best time to install landscape lighting is when the sprinkler system is being installed so the wire can be placed in the same trench as the sprinkler pipes. Upgrades such as Wifi controllers, dimming features, and other smart features that can be controlled from your phone are also available and are becoming more popular.

    Whatever your preference is for landscape lighting, many high quality options are available to meet your desires. If your home is located in Sandy Utah, call Pristine Lawns now to get a free quote at (801) 440-6160.