Is Your Automatic Sprinkler System Watering Evenly?

With an automatic sprinkler system, you can have a healthy green lawn and gardens that thrive without really lifting a finger – if, that is, your sprinklers are providing the right amount of water.

If, on the other hand, your automatic sprinkler system isn’t watering evenly, your landscape may not look so lush. Here, the experienced professionals at Pristine Lawns explain how to recognize and correct this common problem with automatic watering systems.

Getting consistent watering from an automatic sprinkler system

How to Detect Uneven Watering

Brown spots and patchy areas of grass are clear indications that your automatic sprinkler system isn’t watering evenly. But these signs take time to appear, and you don’t want to take a wait-and-see approach to determine if your automatic watering system is functioning as it should be.

Instead, try the container test. Grab several empty soup cans, yogurt cartons or any small vessels of the same size. Scatter them around your lawn and gardens, making sure to place some near your thirstiest plants. Run the sprinklers for at least 20 minutes, then compare the depth of water in each container. If some contain significantly more or less water, your sprinkler system likely has a problem.

Causes of Uneven Watering

Improper sprinkler system installation can be to blame for uneven watering. If the sprinkler heads are spaced incorrectly or installed too deep in the ground, they won’t be capable of providing the amount of water your lawn and gardens need.

Uneven watering isn’t always due to installation issues, however. It can also be the result of general wear and tear on the sprinkler system. After years of use, the nozzles and sprinkler heads can become clogged or stuck. Fortunately, repairs are usually rather inexpensive.

Getting the Right Amount of Water to Your Lawn and Gardens

If your sprinklers aren’t watering evenly, your first thought might be to increase or decrease the amount of water the entire system uses. Follow that instinct, and you might help some areas of the landscape – but you’ll also create new problems in spots that were just fine before the adjustment.

Instead, contact a local sprinkler repair service. An experienced professional can perform a thorough inspection of your automatic watering system, pinpoint the source of the problem and complete any necessary repairs.

And consider this – getting expert assistance from a reputable sprinkler repair service typically costs much less than dealing with the landscape damage that can occur with uneven watering.

Do you suspect your automatic sprinkler system isn’t watering evenly? If you live in Salt Lake County, Utah, call on the licensed and insured professionals at Pristine Lawns.

Our expert team will inspect every part of your automatic watering system and correct any problems for a fair, affordable price. With Pristine Lawns, you can count on quality workmanship and exceptional customer care. For more information on our sprinkler repair service, or to schedule a consultation and restore the functionality of your automatic sprinkler system, contact our Sandy, Utah, office today.