Pristine Lawns LLC specializes in sprinkler work and installing small to medium yards. We do small sprinkler repairs, valve repairs, small and large retrofits on existing systems, stop and waste valve and back flow replacements, and design and install new sprinkler systems. We do a lot of work with clients who have new homes and need their back yards finished as well as helping clients with old yards tear out all or part of their existing yard and redo it. Basically, if there is a sprinkler system in your yard, we can take care of most of your landscaping needs. Also, we are properly licensed and insured.

Our motto is “In Thoroughness is Satisfaction.” We find that it’s the details that matter and we want our clients to know that when we service or install your system and yard it will be done well and the right way. A good portion of our time is spent redoing someone else’s work. We want our clients to pay for their project just once. So if you’re the type that doesn’t want to go with “the lowest bid” but would like it done right, please give us a call and we can discuss your project.