Sprinkler Repair

When something goes wrong with your landscape watering system, sprinkler repair services are imperative. Otherwise, you could end up with a significant – and costly – problem on your hands.

Sprinkler repair services themselves are typically much less expensive than a damaged landscape. In fact, the parts used in an automatic lawn watering system are typically relatively inexpensive. Letting the problem drag on, however, can lead to a potentially expensive and damaging situation.

At Pristine Lawns, we make your lawn sprinkler repair call our priority. Troubleshooting your system and completing the repairs as quickly as possible will help minimize the damage you experience and restore the proper functioning of your system.

We are based in Sandy, Utah, and we provide expert sprinkler repair and maintenance services to customers throughout Salt Lake County

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Sprinkler Installation

For professional lawn sprinkler installation in Sandy, Utah and throughout Salt Lake County, we at Pristine Lawns are the locally owned and operated expert you can trust.

Lawn watering systems require complex design and engineering skills. Installing a system with minimal disruption to your home and lifestyle also requires the services of a proven expert.

Our team at Pristine Lawns has provided expert service to clients throughout northern Utah for many years. We have established a reputation for providing exceptional service and affordable pricing for sprinkler system design and installation.

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Valve Repair

For any sprinkler or irrigation system, valves are vital components. They’re in charge of controlling the flow of water to various parts of your yard, and they do this through opening and closing at scheduled times. Properly operating valves will moderate your water usage and ensure proper quantities to the right areas, while improper valves will risk wasted water and dying plants or grass.

The pros at Pristine Lawns are here to help with any and all sprinkler valve issues. We can help you pinpoint the signs of valve problems, from low water pressure to dead spots in the lawn and many more. We can also assess the extent of issues and determine the most cost-effective repair route. Call us today to learn how we can keep your valves and overall sprinkler system in good working order.

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Our technicians are highly experienced sprinkler and landscaping professionals with years of experience.